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Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah.

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March 18, Axis is a signifier in sculpture, and South African artist Bronwyn Katz has a history of making resolutely vertical sculptural pieces. Blank Projects, Cape Town. March 15, Some of these people March 14, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Skopje. March 13, In , the film director Ilya Khrzhanovsky resolved to expand DAU —a biopic of Soviet physicist Lev Landau, which he had been working on since the release of his feature film 4 —into a vast multimedia project.

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March 12, Who are you? Edel Assanti, London. Galerie Eva Presenhuber, New York. February 27, This new exhibition Galerie Neu, Berlin. February 26, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel. February 21, On a recent episode of The Astrology Podcast , astrologer Chris Brennan and his guests reflected on the United Astrology Conference, held in Chicago in , and noted a pronounced generational shift.

February 20, Living beings leave traces in the fabric of the world. One starting point is a fragment of terracotta tile dating from the Roman occupation Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee. February 18, Especially in this retrospective at the Museo Tamayo, a Brutalist building February 14, Originally conceived in as tree-lined home to the memorial for Robert E.

Lee, the February 12, I want to change the world. I want to express myself. February 8, A thick layer of breadcrumbs covers the floor of the upstairs room at Galerie de la Scep in Marseille. Early in the evening of the opening, there are only a handful of footsteps that show the passage of other viewers through the space.

No one has yet tracked baguette particles—sourced Galerie de la Scep, Marseille. February 7, Raphaela Vogel's "Son of a Witch". After walking through a portal delicately molded from white plastic and featuring dragons Berlinische Galerie, Berlin. February 4, Long ago, before the euro and the internet, I was a young backpacker on my first trip to Greece.

Beaches were broad and unpeopled. I traveled on boats to islands large and small, always noticing the tiniest ones jutting from the Aegean like beacons or sculptures. In the midst of Athens Municipality Arts Centre, Athens. February 1, January 31, Ebony G. When C.

January 29, Composed for a string orchestra, it has a regular, continuous motif traversed by arpeggios in counterpoint. This combination creates an immensely pleasurable and sad Thomas Dane Gallery, London. January 25, Kunz was a Swiss healer who began making these works in , when she was She had Lenbachhaus, Munich. January 24, What will come after what we know to be the twilight years of a livable earth? Taipei Biennial , Taipei.

January 22, In August , four months before the fourth Kochi-Muziris Biennale opened, Kerala was hit by a catastrophic monsoon. It resulted in the worst flooding in the region for over a century: more than people died and an estimated , were left homeless. The devastation of the floods brings the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi. January 18, It weaves them together thrillingly, with gold wire, cotton thread, and lines scraped into Collective, Edinburgh. January 16, Contrary to my initial belief, however, the hermit crab does not get its name from being a loner but January 10, By the time I knew her in , before her death in , at only 37, Amal Kenawy seemed to gleam with elite art world prestige, the kind that one assumes would protect against forgetting.

Bait Al Serkal, Sharjah. January 8, January 7, The Minimalism nurtured in SoHo and Marfa produced industrial cubes, steel beams, and gleaming planes until it was fortified and impenetrable, refracting metaphor or intimacy. Exposing rather than building up, its economical materiality favored the truly elemental, ruling out the human, or even the organic, as frill.

So what to January 4, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart. December 21, Digital technologies seek to eradicate this gap by making a better or more convenient life, via an image or purchase, Bridget Donahue, New York. December 20, Five large, freestanding LED panels fill the spaces of the Serpentine. Despite their technological nature, they look like temporary plaster walls and give the rooms a stripped appearance. Images scroll onscreen at high speed. In the darkened exhibition space, they have peculiar light and colors, cold and clear tones. Serpentine Galleries, London.

December 19, Lower Belvedere, Vienna.

December 18, But the apples sold at the market are still crisp, the Raebeliechtliumzug —an annual walk through the dark, originating in harvest December 14, He picked up his trumpet and played along to the ominous pops, some louder than others. Starry Night , the composition that resulted, asks the unanswerable Fridman Gallery, New York. December 12, It was strange to visit the sixth edition of the Athens Biennale weeks after its kick-off and at times nearly alone. October 26—December 9, December 7, December 5, While exhibitions that question the modernist promise of progress are hardly new, a biennale that takes stock of the current state of regress raises high hopes.

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Historical regression is proceeding on several fronts. One is the collapse of the neoliberal faith in the end-of-history narrative—that liberal democracy and free trade Power Station of Art, Shanghai. December 3, Chisenhale Gallery, London. November 28, Pailthorpe, a surgeon and trained psychoanalyst, and Mednikoff, an artist 23 years her November 26, November 21, November 16, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou. November 9, Opening Fall Exhibitions. November 7, November 6, The original painting, The night journey of the prophet Muhammad on the heavenly creature Buraq , created in Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

October 31, The summer of was grifter season. Starting sometime in May, a strange coterie of glittering personages came coasting along: hustling socialites, scurrilous aventuriers , faux—Saudi princes. The hoax has always had a special place in American mythology, from a newspaper editor convincing his readers there were unicorns on the moon October 19, Most animals are so dependent on human actions and choices for their survival: they likely do not ponder ways Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana.

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October 16, Its vibe is expectant and hungry, and it leaves viewers feeling the same. The artworks, too, are cold, hard morsels. Their most prominent quality is Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig. Steirischer Herbst Although I forgot who was fighting, I clearly recall a statement made by former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman while providing ringside commentary. After weathering a devastating hit, a seemingly unfazed boxer smiled back at his opponent as if to show he could take it; Foreman, on the other hand, October 9, On the eve of Gallery Weekend , at 11 a.

Mexico holds an earthquake drill yearly on September 19, both a preparedness measure and a memorial to the earthquake September 20—23, October 1, Mika Rottenberg. The worlds the artist conjures in her video installations are populated by extraordinary characters, such as the fantasy Goldsmith's Centre for Contemporary Art, London.

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September 28, The Ocean is spherical because it is not beside the earth TBA21—Academy, Vienna. Revisiting Manifesta Manifesta 12, Palermo. September 25, September 19, Gee reflects on the complicated relationship between the Mongolian government, population, and the September 17, Channa Horwitz's "Progressions and Rhythms in Eight".

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Channa Horwitz produced a large body of works which she derived from mathematical equations and equivalences.